October 9, 2011

Categories: Code , Tags: Software, ASA, Chrome

Back in the early days of my foray into skepticism, I found a Chrome plugin called FishBarrel (opens new window) which makes it easy to gather data from a nonsense website and submit a complaint to the relevant regulatory body.

I realised that the plugin didn't cover New Zealand, and so I submitted a change to the author of the plugin. After a little help (I was new to Javascript as well as skepticism), I had the plugin working and my code was integrated into the plugin.

Unfortunately, since then, New Zealand's Advertising Standards Authority has revamped their website. I really should create an update for the plugin.

One thing I learned from this project is that it's actually pretty easy to write a Chrome plugin. Since then I've created a Chrome plugin from scratch for a friend's company, and was pleasantly surprised how few lines of code it took.