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If you would like my opinion on a topic of skeptical interest, please feel free to contact me. I'm happy to give my opinion as Media Spokesperson for the NZ Skeptics, Vice President of Humanist NZ or Secretary of the Society for Science Based Healthcare.

If you've already talked to me and you're looking for a high quality photo to use to go along with my rambling, check out this page for a few images that are free to use and don't make me look like a total eejit.

Mentioned, quoted, interviewed

As a part of the roles I've taken on working for charities such as the NZ Skeptics, Humanist NZ and the Society for Science Based Healthcare, I'm occasionally asked for my opinion on various topics. Sometimes a project I've been working on also makes it into the media. Here are the times that I've been mentioned in the media that I can find online:

2019-01-05 Stuff Devil in its detail: Inside the world of New Zealand's Satanists
2018-10-30 TVNZ Protesters push to put Jesus back in Parliamentary prayer
2018-10-30 Stuff Parliamentary prayer rally calls for speaker to reinstate references to Jesus
2018-09-04 Stuff Religious instruction finds its way into 600 secular primary schools
2018-09-04 TVNZ Religious education row splits Wellington state school community
2018-09-02 Stuff Reading, writing, and God at Wellington's Khandallah School
2017-12-25 Radio NZ Don't celebrate Christmas - enjoy a day off
2017-12-04 Radio NZ Acupuncture misleading public, says study
2017-11-08 Stuff Dr Libby recalls another book over 'mongolism' controversy
2017-07-23 Stuff Medsafe criticised for slow response to claimed cancer-killer Te Kiri Gold
2017-06-21 NZ Herald Kiwi schoolgirl punished for trying to summon a ghost
2017-05-09 Stuff Surprise as public figures told New Zealand still has anti-blasphemy laws
2017-03-24 NZMA Pick a bogus treatment…
2017-03-19 Stuff Sensing Murder: in defence of the show called a 'crime against TV'
2017-01-20 Stuff Who are the men who say they can predict earthquakes?
2017-01-01 Skeptic Zone The Skeptic Zone #428 - 1.Jan.2017
2016-12-20 Taranaki Daily News Cancer specialist warns 'magic water' not approved by Medsafe
2016-10-01 Stuff Sensing Murder, or sensing nonsense?
2016-09-05 News Hub NZ sceptics doubt Mother Teresa's saintliness
2016-07-26 Irish Independent Heavy downpours and early frosts ahead warns Kiwi weather guru
2016-07-04 Stuff Sensing Murder: A cold case of tricks or something more?
2016-06-03 Noted Why do unscientific claims by some chiropractors not appear to put patients off?
2016-05-25 Stuff Lawmakers gutless about tackling charity Godzillas, critic says
2016-04-29 Stuff Controversial chiropractic baby treatment is available in NZ, medical professionals say
2016-04-28 Stuff Walmsley trial: Alternative medicine tapping technique in the spotlight
2016-04-01 Stuff Claims chiropractors can treat ADHD, allergies 'misleading' customers | study
2016-04-01 NZMA Chronic misleading online advertising by chiropractors
2016-01-20 Stuff Sensing Murder episode reruns questioned
2015-12-22 Taranaki Daily News New Plymouth man gives up retail management to be a ghost-buster
2015-11-29 Stuff Campaigners call for an end to taxpayers subsidising families which tithe
2015-11-26 Pharmacy Today Skeptics give Pharmacy Council dud award for 'weakening' ethics
2015-10-14 Radio NZ Pharmacy Council moves to change code of ethics over homeopathy
2015-08-10 NZ Herald Strict blasphemy laws enacted by stealth, group claims
2015-08-09 Russia Today New Zealand govt slammed by rights group for blasphemy law ‘enacted by stealth’
2015-04-10 NZ Herald Religious affiliation fades as New Zealand bucks trend
2015-03-11 Skeptic Zone The Skeptic Zone #334 - 15.Mar.2015
2014-09-26 Token Skeptic Episode One Hundred And Eighty Seven – On The Society For Science Based Healthcare
2014-02-28 NZ Herald Campervan's 'Go f*** yourself San Diego' breaches ad standards


1 News

Protesters push to put Jesus back in Parliamentary prayer

7 Sharp

Religious education row splits Wellington state school community


Radio NZ

Acupuncture misleading public, says study

Pharmacy Council moves to change code of ethics over homeopathy


I've spoken regularly on RadioLive for the past few years, as part of the Skeptical Thoughts segment of Graeme Hill's Weekend Variety Wireless show. Here's a list of my appearances:

Date Host Topics
2018-12-16 Graeme Hill SleepDrops in Trouble, Blasphemy Law repeal passes second reading, Another Te Kiri Gold celebrity endorsement
2018-12-02 Graeme Hill Go Green Expo, MoE Religious Instruction Guidelines Consultation, Ark Man
2018-11-04 Graeme Hill Asia Bibi is Acquitted, OBDII Fuel Saver, SleepDrops is fundraising, Jesus for NZ
2018-10-28 Graeme Hill Blasphemy law likely to be removed in Ireland, HRV fined for false claims, Jesus for NZ, Can natural health products be bad for you?
2018-10-14 Graeme Hill Have I been hacked?, Australian Bent Spoon winner, I tried Kangen Water, Pakistanis trying to influence justice
2018-09-30 Graeme Hill A meeting with ex Jehovah's Witnesses, Backward step at the World Health Organisation, I went back to the OTO
2018-09-16 Ryan Bradley Hikoi of a Poisoned Nation, Church Visits, Alex Jones is losing his grip, Indian Scammers
2018-09-02 Graeme Hill Catholic Church Abuse, Wellington's "Allergy" Expo, Jehovah's Witnesses recommend staying with an abusive partner, Khandallah School allowing evangelism
2018-08-19 Graeme Hill My JW weekend
2018-08-05 Graeme Hill QAnon, Humanist Conference
2018-07-22 Graeme Hill Alternative cancer therapies linked to earlier death, Prophet Arrested for Attempted Resurrection, Massive payout for talc "victims", Visa issues for International Humanists
2018-07-08 Graeme Hill HRV admits they deceived customers, New HIV vaccine, but is it a made up disease?, Bullet repelling magic in Nigeria, Chiropractors finding it hard to be ethical
2018-06-24 Graeme Hill Government hoping to scrap blasphemy law, Is hot dog water good for you?, LED lights are apparently not safe for us, Cannabis Oil for cancer, again...
2018-06-10 Graeme Hill Dr Oz promoting Astrology, NHS defends its decision to dump homeopathy, NZ Doctor complains to ASA about weet-bix, Shakti Mat
2018-05-27 Graeme Hill First NZ Flat Earth Conference, Kangen Water has made the news again :(, New search for Loch Ness Monster, Spirit Whisperer guilty of indecent assault, Dr Oz to join Trump's health focused Presidential Council
2018-05-13 Graeme Hill Does your star sign dictate how you drive?, Healing Crystals, Kangen Water has made the news again :(, Dawkins has been to visit NZ, Personalised Vitamins
2018-04-29 Graeme Hill V2K - what is it?, Dr Google, Homeopaths trying to "cure" Autism, Ken Ring is predicting earthquakes again
2018-04-15 Graeme Hill The US is losing the war on ignorance, Therapeutic Mushroom Coffee, Did NASA Astronauts see aliens?, The Keeper of the Secrets
2018-04-08 Graeme Hill New NZ Diet aid Calocurb launched, Does god hate vaccines?, Call for government funding of natural therapies, Who cons the conmen?
2018-03-18 Ryan Bradley Auckland woman builds fence to keep radiation out, Is Dunedin's Regent Theatre Haunted?, Local psychic plays the odds, gets lucky, Quack "doctor" opens up clinic in Auckland
2018-03-11 Graeme Hill New Zealand's own Fantastical AI, Reiki Meeting in New Plymouth, Auckland woman builds fence to keep radiation out, Is the US ignoring UFOs?
2018-02-25 Graeme Hill Teen Lays Eggs, Pastafarianism Knocked Back, Attack Survivor has to defend himself, Memorising a big number will create a black hole?, NZ Herald Promoting Animal Quackery
2018-02-11 Graeme Hill The ASA has written some new guidelines… and they're crap!, Can Cannabis Cure Cancer?, Elon Musk proves the earth is round - or does he?, Raw Water is Daft, Homeopathy Course Cancelled at Canadian College
2018-01-28 Graeme Hill Treating Bears with Acupuncture, Another quake prediction, Peppering of Rabbits?, Scientology in Disguise, Unvaccinated Pets
2018-01-21 Ryan Bradley Grounding, Homeopathic treatment for Autism?, Ex naturopath being sued
2017-12-17 Graeme Hill UK has scrapped useless treatments, First Pastafarian Citizenship in NZ, My visit to the OTO, Nonsense Pharmacy to open in Wellington, Spontaneous Human Combustion in London
2017-12-03 Ryan Bradley Gluckman talks about science denialism, Acupuncture websites are misleading, Most UK Water Boards use dowsing, Holes in popular conspiracy theories
2017-11-12 Graeme Hill Ghost in TradeMe mirror, Sexual Harassment of kids is okay, because of Joseph and Mary?, Go Green Expo, Dr Libby Weaver hits the news - twice
2017-11-05 Graeme Hill NZ Skeptics conference in Wellington, Auckland thinking of dropping Glyphosate, Children handed religious tracts at Halloween, Women Stranded at Sea for 5 months
2017-10-15 Graeme Hill Christchurch private detective offering lie detector test which is unlikely to work, Doterra selling cancer cure in NZ, Breast Milk Soap
2017-10-08 Ryan Bradley Sun protection pill goes on sale in NZ, Conspiracy Theorists waste no time after Las Vegas shooting, New healing device about to go on sale in NZ
2017-10-01 Ryan Bradley The Apocalypse has been moved, The FreeMan movement/Sovereign Citizens, Some great common sense advice from Rob Stock at Stuff
2017-09-03 Graeme Hill Newshub thought a picture of someone holding something rectangular was newsworthy, One-sided article updated after complaint, Nonsense book gets free media coverage, Iraq was Invaded because they had a stargate
2017-08-27 Graeme Hill Naturopath Implicated in Cancer Deaths, Satanic Panic
2017-08-06 Graeme Hill Haunted Doll "strikes" again, Daughter conned into selling her possessions, Finally, a skeptical story about Lotto, Jacinta Ardern Conspiracy!
2017-07-30 Graeme Hill Rural US Doctor may have to leave NZ, There a major conspiracy theory I've never heard of!, Sensing Murder hasn't helped NZ Police
2017-07-16 Graeme Hill Siggi Henry profiled in the Spinoff, GMO Bananas may save lives, Gifting Circles now illegal, Vaxxed is still a nuisance in NZ
2017-07-02 Graeme Hill I went to a Scientology Event, Baby kept sick by mother's bad decision, InfoWars promotes theory that NASA keeps slave kids on Mars
2017-06-18 Ryan Bradley Breatharians make Dangerous Claims, Probable nonsense promoted at Hamilton Fieldays, Auckland Church Promoting Magical Oil, I was visited by Jehovah's Witnesses
2017-06-11 Graeme Hill Apparently I need a colonic, Credulous alt-med article on Radio NZ, Aussie shows how lax sham journals can be
2017-06-04 Graeme Hill Robert Bigelow believes aliens are on earth, Nice article about Dave Hansford and 1080, USA "pulls out" of the Paris Climate Accord, Don't put ground up wasp's nest in your vagina
2017-05-21 Graeme Hill Proof of a flat earth, Blasphemy Law may finally be repealed, Proof that people were in NZ before Maori?
2017-05-07 Graeme Hill Te Kiri Gold makers forced to release a statement, Nigel Antony Gray Still Crazy
2017-04-23 Graeme Hill Arise Church, Kelvin Cruickshank talks to Jonah Lomu
2017-04-09 Graeme Hill Otago Uni Screened Vaxxed, Te Kiri Gold Cancer "Treatment" on sale
2017-04-02 Graeme Hill NASA spends over $1 million on theology, Citizen Science and Planet 9, Vaxxed Premiered at Reading Cinemas LynnMall
2017-03-26 Graeme Hill Census adds new non-religious categories, I wrote a letter to the NZ Medical Journal, Shaquille O'Neal believes in a flat earth?
2017-03-19 Graeme Hill Interview with Sensing Murder producers, Australian who faked cancer diagnosis and cure found guilty
2017-03-05 Graeme Hill My Visit to faith healer Father John Rea
2017-02-19 Graeme Hill Strange lottery "tactic" - buying multiple tickets with the same numbers, Homeopathic Teething Tablets linked to US deaths for sale in NZ, Vaxxed movie showing in Auckland in April, Whales were stranded by "weather modification" technology
2017-02-05 Graeme Hill Ricky Gervais talks about science vs belief, Ex fraudster released early trying alternative cancer treatment, Scientology out on the streets in Grafton
2017-01-29 Ryan Bradley Kiwi Creationism
2017-01-22 Graeme Hill Scientology "Ideal Org" Grand Opening
2016-12-18 Graeme Hill Fiji Government conned by scam artist, Colin Meads using "magic water" for his cancer, Earthquake "predictor" shows his true colours, MMM Scam hits Nigeria, Applied Kinesiology
2016-12-04 Graeme Hill NZ Skeptics Conference
2016-11-27 Graeme Hill Skeptics Conference, Bioptron call me, Lots of earthquake nonsense
2016-11-13 Graeme Hill Go Green Expo full of woo, Skeptics Conference, The Vice President-Elect is crazy!
2016-10-21 Peter Elliott Chinese Man telling women's futures by touching their breasts!, MedSafe has registered over a thousand unproven homeopathic health products as medicines, Indonesian "Bigfoot" caught on camera, Rival "health" bracelet sellers in NZ end up in punch-up
2016-09-25 Graeme Hill Dodgy Thai cancer clinic criticised, Homeopathy Column removed from local paper, Anti Fluoride Group to promote DHB Candidates, New Sensing Murder Episode being recorded
2016-09-18 Graeme Hill Free Effective Altruism book, Homeopathy Column being removed from local paper, Atheist documentary maker comes to NZ, Stuff uncritically publishes more medical nonsense, Trump gets medical opinion from Oz
2016-08-28 Graeme Hill We should all drink alcohol for our health, Are processed foods causing mental illness?, Chiropractic for Pregnancy Issues?, SBH press complaints
2016-08-21 Graeme Hill Brian Cox argues with Australian senator about climate change, Not all water in NZ is chlorinated, Naturopathic Murder, Stuff article on superfoods actually talks sense!, Witch Doctor in Wellington
2016-08-07 Graeme Hill David Icke Auckland Talk
2016-07-17 Graeme Hill Sad news for Pastafarianism, Muslim call "For Public Purity", asking for people to hide dogs, appears to be a hoax, FYI needs help categorising OIA requests, The NZ Herald does it again with "natural" remedies for glandular fever, US Pastor says that Pokemon are "digital demons"
2016-07-10 Graeme Hill Noah's Ark "replica" opens in Kentucky, US, Bee Venom is supposedly an effective cosmetic, US man thinks he knows "the secret" to winning the lottery, Sensing murder episodes are being rerun on TVNZ
2016-07-03 Graeme Hill Christchurch City Council to reduce use of weedkiller, 110 Nobel laureates tell Greenpeace they are wrong about GMOs, Jail time for dad who treated son's meningitis with alternative treatments, Ken Ring tells people not to trust anything
2016-06-26 Graeme Hill 1,000 UK Vets say homeopathy should be banned, Tony Robbins followers injured walking on hot coals, Stuff removes article on Colloidal Silver, NZ Herald prints article saying that taking selfies can damage your skin, Blink-182 Guitarist denies he's left band to chase UFOs
2016-06-19 Graeme Hill Beauty Clinics are treating people instead of referring them, Bilderberg Group meeting in Watford, England, CYF can't say if they pay for alternative treatments, Dr Shaun Holt warns about cancer cures, Stuff removes article on Colloidal Silver, UFO Spotted in Christchurch
2016-06-12 Graeme Hill Climate change deniers added to Christchurch coastal erosion panel, Singer Bobby Brown claims he had sex with a ghost, Dodgy claims made about sawdust therapy in Auckland, National MP Maureen Pugh 'doesn't believe in pharmaceutical drugs', Alt Med peddler Chris Savage stopped at Auckland airport
2016-06-05 Graeme Hill 1080 blamed for kiwi bird deaths, Osteopath admits performing acupuncture without qualifications, Rush Limbaugh weighs in on Harambe the gorilla, Family First research 'high school level' statistics
2016-04-17 Graeme Hill Family First vows to fight move to de-register it as charity, Water fluoridation - DHBs to take control from councils under Govt proposal, Claims chiropractors can treat ADHD, allergies 'misleading' customers, Luckiest Lotto stores revealed, Skeptics' visit to the Mind Body Spirit Fair, Former anti-vaxxer's emotional plea following newborn daughter contracting whooping cough
2016-03-13 Graeme Hill Adult Coloring Books and Mandalas, A Warning For Christians, The Mandela Effect, Ten of the healthiest herbs and spices to keep you fighting fit, Call for council to make Christchurch parks spray-free
2016-02-28 Graeme Hill NZ gets its first Flying Spaghetti Monster marriage celebrant, Acupuncture Works! (Not really), NZ Natural Health Products Bill, Johnson & Johnson ordered to pay more than AU$100 million in suit linking talcum powder to ovarian cancer, Sydney IV.ME clinic closed after client hospitalised
2016-02-21 Graeme Hill Sea monster washes up in Australia, Homeopathy effective for 0 out of 68 illnesses, study finds, Shane Warne believes alien experiments turned monkeys into humans, Texas Board of Education hopeful believes Obama was a homosexual prostitute, Justice Scalia murder conspiracy
2016-02-14 Graeme Hill Bags with coins in spotted at Muriwai Cafe, Fast food Fakery, David Icke Coming to New Zealand, Whakatane flip-flops on fluoride, New video of 'Yeti' at ski resort sparks Internet debate
2016-02-07 Graeme Hill Split verdict for 'pH Miracle' author, KFC wins payout over China mutant chicken rumours, Are antioxidant-rich products good for us?, Sandy Hook truther to face jury, Jonathan Sarfati's New Zealand Visit, Donald Trump nominated for Nobel Peace Prize
2015-12-13 Graeme Hill Save the Wellington Astrology Centre, Eighty children get chickenpox at school that calls for 'tolerance' of vaccine dodgers, Bronx priest stole more than $1M from two NYC churches, Faith healer Rod Parsley seeks conventional treatment for throat cancer, Disciplined osteopath George McKenzie yet to apologise, Anti-vaxxer's baby hospitalised with whooping cough, Marlborough clairvoyant steals $250,000 from couple in rest home
2015-11-15 Graeme Hill End of the World Predictions
2015-10-11 Graeme Hill The world ends... again, Online real estate agency offers ghost-free home certification, MagneSleep lost an ASA complaint, Zimbabwe prophet's attempt to prove he can walk on air' falls flat, NHS wants to employ a Spiritual Healer, Perth Electrical Engineer finds errors in climate models
2015-10-04 Simon Pound Clairvoyant solves phantom freaking out Dunedin, Haka gives ABs more than a psychological lift, NASA Confirms Evidence That Liquid Water Flows on Today's Mars, Doctors and pharmacists clash over complementary medicines, More sex for a healthy prostate - report
2015-09-27 Simon Pound Kiwi traveller in Peru dies after Amazon drug ritual, Dalai Lama Says a Female Successor Should Be Very Attractive, California's Drought Is A Government Conspiracy, Blood Moon on September 28 will bring huge earth-destroying earthquakes, Jesus brain scan a miracle
2015-09-20 Graeme Hill Appetite for diet supplements benefits few, experts say, GOP Candidates and Vaccines, IgNobel Prizes
2015-08-16 Graeme Hill Bravo Award, Advertising Standards Authority Complaints, Martin Harris is Supreme Winner at the Pharmacy Awards, Resene Promotes Colour Therapy, Dr Jim Mason - Creationist, Waisake Naholo's miracle healing


I've spoken, on behalf of the NZ Skeptics and the Society for Science Based Healthcare, with a couple of skeptical podcasts in the past.

The Skeptic Zone

#428 - 1.Jan.2017
#334 - 15.Mar.2015

Token Skeptic

Episode One Hundred And Eighty Seven – On The Society For Science Based Healthcare

Skepticism Today

For a while myself and some friends from Skeptics in the Pub created our own podcast, Skepticism Today. It was great fun, but unfortunately the amount of work it took to record edit the podcast took its toll. I'm still hoping to resurrect the show at some point.