Another Year

August 18, 2017

Categories: Life , Tags: Life, Submission, Work, Quiz, CoderDojo

Another year, another blog post.

Today started with me staying up until 2am writing the NZ Skeptics' submission (opens new window) to the Pharmacy Council's Consultation (opens new window) on their proposed new Code of Ethics (spoiler alert: I don't think the code is strong enough to protect consumers), continued when I flew to Christchurch for the day to install some new storage (between this and another job this week, I've installed over half a Petabyte of storage this week!), was followed up by a quiz at Plimmerton School (where the quizmasters got at least one answer wrong - they said that the largest named number is a googolplex (opens new window), but we all know it's Graham's Number (opens new window), or maybe TREE(3) (opens new window)) and finished with me coding some Websockets stuff for location tracking, and trying to get my head around Vue (opens new window). Wow, that was a long sentence!

I now have a project deadline of Monday for a website frontend (which needs to integrate with a Koa (opens new window) backend I've put together), CoderDojo (opens new window) this afternoon, where we're going to continue building an AR sandbox (opens new window) with the kids and then I'll probably need to head back to Christchurch early next week to finish off the storage job I was there for.