End Blasphemy Laws

February 7, 2015

Categories: Life , Tags: Religion, Humanism, Blasphemy

I'm currently involved in an effort to have blasphemy laws in different parts of the world repealed (opens new window). Locally in New Zealand we currently have a blasphemy law (opens new window) that, although it's only ever been used once, seems to be quite strict and has no place in today's society. Of course I think it would be good to have this law repealed, and I am working with the Humanist Society (opens new window) (of which I am currently the President) to pressure the NZ government to repeal the law. Various blasphemy laws exist in many countries around the world, including Canada and Ireland as well as here in NZ.


Early last month I was interviewed on Newstalk ZB (opens new window) about this issue after the Humanist Society and NZARH released our first joint press release (opens new window). Yesterday, the Humanist Society has released a second press release (opens new window) talking about the international movement to repeal these laws. Our Society hopes that the government will listen to us and realise that having a blasphemy law makes it harder for New Zealand to comment on blasphemy cases (such as that of Kiwi Philip Blackwood (opens new window)) around the world. Until the law is repealed, we will continue to push for this change.