Today I was perusing a KML file in Google Earth from the Nine Inch Nails. The Nine Inch Nails recently released an album called The Slip as a free download, something which I applaud and which a couple of other high profile bands, Radiohead and Saul Williams, have also done recently. While I was in Google Earth, I zoomed into the Isles of Scilly to see if they've been imaged at a decent resolution yet - and unfortunately, the islands are looking as smudged as ever!

[View Larger Map](,-6.446228&spn=0.887754,2.062683&t=h&z=9&source=embed)

I figured that I'd see if google could do anything about this, so I sent them a message through their Google Earth Help Center

Please select the bug you're having _: Low Resolution/can't zoom in Email _: Message :


The islands where I grew up, the Isles of Scilly, are looking pretty blurry on google maps and google earth! Now, I'm not asking google to reposition a satellite or anything, but it'd be great if some higher resolution images could be added!!



Merryn (don't click on the link unless you have to - it's myspace!) has emailed me to let me know that if you zoom in really close on's Street Maps, the map changes to satellite imagery. So, without further ado, here's a link to my old house on the Isles of Scilly.