It's my middle daughter's birthday today, and we've had a food centric day.

We started with croissants and sausage rolls for breakfast, but by lunch time I was in Christchurch for work, stuck at the airport and unable to change my flight for an earlier one. In a fun, unskeptical moment, I decided to chow down on a Gluten Free sandwich and some Paleo bites.

Unskeptical Lunch

For dinner we went out for sushi, and I spotted an interesting EFTPOS (card) machine:


What's interesting about this device is the wear of the various buttons. It's obvious from this picture that 0 and 1, and possibly 5 as well, are the most used buttons. Given that 1, 2 and 3 are used by many EFTPOS machines as choosing to pay via a Debit, Savings and Credit card respectively, and that most people would likely pay by debit, I can understand that the 1 key is worn. But I'm not sure about the 5 and 0. Are these both frequently used digits in people's PINs?