CoderDojo at Glenview

March 16, 2015

Categories: Life , Tags: Software, Teaching, CoderDojo

Leigh Hunt (opens new window) and I have just run the first CoderDojo (opens new window) session at Glenview school (opens new window) in Porirua East, a local Tokelauan (opens new window) school. One of the things we've wanted to do for a while now is to run CoderDojo sessions at schools, and our first session at Glenview was a good experience.

Leigh started the session off with a video about the Hour of Code (opens new window) material we use to teach the kids, and then they all launched straight into the Course 2 challenges (opens new window). Some of the kids also had a go at programming a Tessel (opens new window), and managed to read data from temperature and humidity sensors.