LPI 201

March 18, 2008

Categories: Life , Tags: Software, Exam

I'm taking my Linux LPI 201 exam tomorrow, and am studying from the O'Reilly book LPI Linux Certification in a Nutshell, 2nd Edition (opens new window) and IBM's series of LPI Tutorials (opens new window). Both are very thorough, and between them they're steered me through LPI 101 and 102, but as I'd paid good money to have the O'Reilly book shipped over from the USA (don't even get me started on book prices over here in New Zealand!) I was disappointed when studying the 201 materials to find that the quality is lower than that for the 10x exams. After sending in a support request, O'Reilly support were nice enough to point me to the errata page (opens new window), which I have now spotted as a link on the left of O'Reilly's page for the book.

Once this and the 202 exams are done next week (and before my Micro$oft SQL 2005 exam), I'll be using this page to upload errors that I've found and scribbled in the book (I used to hate writing in printed books, but have managed to get over it recently!).