The Hard Sell

July 4, 2011

Categories: Life , Tags: Advertising, Travel

I saw the signs below in the back room of a travel agency in Wellington. Their brazenness shocked me - I've always known that underhanded tactics are used to sell, and upsell, in retail, but I'd kind of assumed that they were unspoken tactics - not officially sanctioned methods of selling to a customer.

The pictures are a little blurry, so here's some of what they say:

# Add In's & Insurance

"Scare them! Tell them horror stories.."

"Who's going to pay your medical bills if you break your leg"

"Tell them about recent customers who got typhoid..."

# Ask for the Cash $$

"Give them time to express any ideas or concerns they have before saying... - does this sound like you?"

"Ask 'yes' questions..."

"Shall we get this all sorted then?"

AddIns Cash