Skeptic Zone Interview

March 17, 2015

Categories: Life , Tags: Skepticism, Podcast

I was interviewed the other day (opens new window) by Richard Saunders on the Skeptic Zone Podcast about what's been happening with the NZ Skeptics Society (opens new window) since I became Chair. Moose and moa were mulled over. I was also asked about Shuzi Qi, as the Australian Skeptics had a good result (opens new window) a few years ago dealing with them, and would like to see the NZ Skeptics attempting something similar. Skeptics in the Pub (opens new window) was mentioned, and we talked about how popular our local pub meetings are. Something else that came up was the new look of the NZ Skeptics, with a new journal, logo and website - but I'll cover that in more detail in a future post.


Yours truly was also interviewed a while ago about the Society for Science Based Healthcare (opens new window), along with Mark Hanna, on the Token Skeptic Podcast (opens new window).

Of course, if you like the sound of my voice you can always try my own podcast, Skepticism Today (opens new window). Unlike Skeptic Zone or Token Skeptic we're just a monthly podcast, but hopefully what we lack in frequency we make up for in quality!