Waisake Naholo's miracle healing

August 16, 2015

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Waisake Naholo's miracle healing Waisake Naholo has a cracked fibula - the smaller of the lower leg bones (alongside the tibia).

All Blacks coach Steven Hansen said:

"he was weight-bearing on it and pretty good", "there's a really fine crack in it. There's no displacement (of the bone)"

Wikipedia says "The fibula does not carry any significant load", and that it's more for stability for the ankle joint and attachment points for muscles.

His uncle Isei Naiova applied traditional leaves known as kawakawarau on Naholo's leg for two sets of four days. Apparently he lost his limp and was able to do light exercises.

The miracle cure was attributed to "a gift from God", the Fiji Times reported.

"This healing has been performed by our forefathers and has been passed down from generation to generation. It is a gift from God"

"When I first touched his leg I could feel his bones were damaged,"

Hansen said:

"So who are we to poo-hoo alternative medicine? The Chinese have been doing it for years."

"If it works, I'm a believer"