MagneSleep lost an ASA complaint

October 11, 2015

Categories: Skepticism , Tags: Pseudoscience, ASA, Magnet

MagneSleep lost an ASA complaint (opens new window) about a magnetic bracelet they sell, and they don't like me

I run an activism group in Wellington, and we submit ASA complaints, OIA requests, etc.

MagneSleep sold a magnetic bracelet they claimed could help with pain relief. My complaint against them was upheld, but they weren't happy about my complaint at all!

As a member of the "Society for Science Based Healthcare" and a self-proclaimed "Skeptical Activist" and part of a group oddly entitled "Skeptics in the Pub" (given the scientifically-proven ability of alcohol to impair rational thinking) M. Honeychurch is well entitled to their views. Accepting science as the only judgmental factor in life is brave and we respect their dedication to causes that they seemingly judge to be above others.

It is apparent it is easy, if somewhat simplistic, to take words, phrases and sentences out of context. However, we can only be sceptical of such methods and we ask that this complaint be set aside as time-wasting and frivolous when the total tone and content of our website is evaluated.

The ASA agreed with me that the claims of being able to treat pain with magnets was not substantiated, and that their statements later on that it might not work didn't mean that they could get away with also claiming that it does work.