Zimbabwe prophet's attempt to prove he can walk on air' falls flat

October 11, 2015

Categories: Skepticism , Tags: Religion, Miracle, Prophet

Shepherd Bushiri has claimed in a video (opens new window) that he is walking on air.

This is one of many "proofs" of god offered, and fairly easy to spot how it's done. The video starts with the pastor walking down some stairs in his house, and pans left and right to show that there's nothing/nobody there.The video then zooms in to just the pastor's feet before he starts walking on air, so you can't see his helpers rush in and hold him up in the air - although you can see the shadow of one helper just before the camera zooms out and pans left/right again to show that there's nobody there.

He also claims to:

  • own a private jet and Bentley
  • be the president of the AFFRICI group of religious leaders in Africa

Neither of these appear to exist.

Other videos from african preachers have included raising people from the dead, with no proof that they were dead in the first place, growing a leg, etc. There are lots of videos on YouTube with fantastical claims.