Bronx priest stole more than $1M from two NYC churches

December 13, 2015

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A Bronx priest stole more than $1M (opens new window) from two NYC churches, and used the cash on a wild S&M romance with his beefy boyfriend

Reverend Peter Miqueli is being sued by parishioners at his church in the Bronx for allegedly stealing US$1 million, to pay for home improvements, drugs and male prostitutes.

$1,000 per sex session.

"accused of stealing money donated to fix a church pipe organ, siphoning funds from a parish thrift shop and getting high on drugs provided by a Bronx parishioner."

salary of $2,545 a month, savings of almost $900,000

A website (opens new window) and FB page (opens new window) are calling for his resignation.

He stepped down (opens new window) in the last few hours:

At his previous church, he signed the church owned house over to himself and took the parish jeep.