Donald Trump nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

February 7, 2016

Categories: Skepticism , Tags: Politics, Trump

Someone has put Mr Trump forward (opens new window) for this year's Nobel Peace Prize. Supporters said in the submission that Mr. Trump deserved the prize for:

"his vigorous peace through strength ideology, used as a threat weapon of deterrence against radical Islam, ISIS, nuclear Iran and Communist China,"

Although this sounds pretty unbelievable, it looks like it's true. There are normally more than 200 nominations made each year. Thousands of people around the world are allowed to make these nominations for the prestigious award, including MPs, former prize winners and some university professors. Amongst them, it's not a stretch to think that one of them, probably a US resident, is a fan of Donald Trump.

Trump said at the most recent Republican debate that if made president he would:

"bring back a hell of a lot worse than waterboarding"