Sydney IV.ME clinic closed after client hospitalised

February 28, 2016

Categories: Skepticism , Tags: Pseudoscience, IV

A new trend started recently, when IV "hydration" clinics opened in Australia late last year, called (opens new window) and the Hangover Clinic (opens new window). The clinics offer customers a range of treatments, consisting of IV drips with various mixes of saline, vitamins, painkillers and oxygen.

There's no evidence that these actually help with a hangover, or can help with any other condition that they're being advertised for:

Claims of energising, anti-ageing, treating colds/flus and detoxing - and an all-in-one for $350.

Several clinics are now up and running (opens new window) in Australia, although in recent news the Sydney clinic has already been closed (opens new window) for hospitalising a customer, pending a full review. The customer suffered from "fever, abdominal pains and low blood pressure".

Let's hope the trend doesn't reach our shores.