Singer Bobby Brown claims he had sex with a ghost

June 12, 2016

Categories: Skepticism , Tags: Pseudoscience, Ghost

Bobby brown has spoken out (opens new window) about having sex with a ghost!

"I bought this mansion in Georgia ... this was a really, really spooky place. But yes, one time, I woke up, and yeah, a ghost. I was being mounted by a ghost. I wasn't high, I was not tripping"

Bobby's also said:

"I sensed that a lot of evil s--t had gone down in that house while Thevis lived there," he writes. "To this day I believe that house was haunted. … We would often see white women walk down the hallway. … One memorable night, one of the ghosts descended from the ceiling and had sex with me. After you stop laughing, I need you to hear what I'm saying because I'm not making this up. And let me add this: This was before I ever touched any drug besides weed and alcohol."

He's claimed he had sex with Madonna and Janet Jackson, as well as a ghost!