National MP Maureen Pugh 'doesn't believe in pharmaceutical drugs'

June 12, 2016

Categories: Skepticism , Tags: Pseudoscience, Chiropractic

Maureen is the newest member of parliament, a National Party MP who seems to have a few pseudoscientific beliefs.

In Maureen's Maiden Statement (opens new window) (first speech) in parliament in February:

"I have witnessed people improve their health without always relying on heavy medications. I see people increasingly incorporating holistic and integrated health disciplines that are more in harmony with their heritage or cultural values.

I will also support further investment in educating families to take a more responsible path with health care by including other degree qualified health practitioners, lifestyle choices, and healthier food options as part of regular health care. To me that makes good economic, social and health sense and fits well with the current legislative program supporting the Health Practitioners Bill. For the past 25 years I have personally enjoyed chiropractic as my sole form of healthcare."

Maureen made the news this week saying that she is a "firm believer that nature delivers whatever we need". She clarified by saying "there's nothing wrong with getting a cold or getting a flu", that her kids have "never been on antibiotics" and that her family uses chiropractic. Siouxsie did a great job of pointing out that chiropractic is nonsense, and that flu can be dangerous even for healthy people.

At least Maureen has vaccinated her kids!

Maureen's daughter is a chiropractor, working for Roughan Chiropractic. Roughan make many illegal claims about what chiropractic can treat, and also talk about treating babies (opens new window) with spinal manipulation.