Bilderberg Group meeting in Watford, England

June 19, 2016

Categories: Skepticism , Tags: Conspiracy, Bilderberg

The Bilderberg Group met last week (opens new window), and there were protests by the usual conspiracy crowd.

Alex Jones had some choice words to say about the meeting on BBC's Sunday Politics (opens new window). He started by talking about how the group is a conspiracy, and that they created the Euro as part of a Nazi plot.

After some more silly ideas, the other guest, David Aaronovitch from the Times, suggested that given Alex's belief that he has uncovered a deadly global plot for world domination, he's either wrong or he's part of the conspiracy, as otherwise he'd have been killed by now.

By the end of the 5 minute segment, he was shouting at the show's presenter that the truth is coming out, that people are waking up, and that the BBC are trying to suppress him. The presenter, Andrew Neil, cracked up laughing and suggested that Alex Jones is an idiot. He also said:

"You are the worst person I've ever interviewed"