CYF can't say if they pay for alternative treatments

June 19, 2016

Categories: Skepticism , Tags: Pseudoscience, EFT

Chris Hyde from the Timaru Herald received a response (opens new window) to an OIA request to CYF this week. There was a recent case where a man was convicted for child abuse of CYF kids in Timaru, and he was used by CYF as an EFT practitioner.

Chris sent an OIA to CYF to find out what alternative therapies they fund, and how much they pay. CYF came back and said they don't keep records of the therapies they pay for, and so can't supply any data on what therapies are used, and how much they're paying for them.

There is a worry here about other government departments also funding dodgy treatments. I wonder how many of them don't keep good records of which treatments they fund.