UFO Spotted in Christchurch

June 19, 2016

Categories: Skepticism , Tags: Pseudoscience, UFO

There have been multiple sightings (opens new window) of UFOs in Christchurch this week, prompted by footage recorded by Oisin Lavelle. The footage shows a coloured blob moving erratically.

The flickering of the blob is likely to be an optical effect, possibly caused by the atmosphere. The object is potentially a planet. The movement appears to be the movement of the recording device, as it is hand held. With the image zoomed in, and no point of reference because it's night time and the entire sky is black, it's impossible to confirm if the object or the camera is moving. However, the movement appears consistent with the type of camera movement that happens when someone holds a camera, so there's no reason to think that the object is moving at all.

I've checked with an app I have on my phone, and Jupiter, Mars and Saturn are all visible in the evening sky at the moment. Jupiter is often mistaken for a UFO. Also, Mars and Saturn can be seen very close together at the moment. There was a conjunction of the planets in February and another will happen in September.