Noah's Ark "replica" opens in Kentucky, US

July 10, 2016

Categories: Skepticism , Tags: Religion, Ark

Australian Ken Ham's Creation "Museum" has opened its newest attraction, the Ark Encounter, on Thursday.

Of course, the "ark" would never float and has been built using modern methods and materials, including lots of concrete. These concrete supports appear to have been cleverly covered up by wooden panels to make the ark look as if no modern materials have been used. There are also electric lights throughout the ark.

Tracy Moody, an atheist from Tennessee, visited on opening day and took lots of photos showing that the attraction may not be as popular Ken Ham has hoped. Official predictions are that 2.2 million people a year, or 6 thousand a day, will visit the site.

A great quote on one plaque says:

"If I can convince you that the flood was not real, then I can convince you that heaven and hell are not real"

The park is known for having received millions of dollars of state funding in tax breaks, even though predictions suggest that as an attraction it will never make back its costs.

If the park does make money, next up may be a tower of Babel. Ham was hoping to build one alongside the ark, but did not have sufficient funding.