Bee Venom is supposedly an effective cosmetic

July 10, 2016

Categories: Skepticism , Tags: Pseudoscience, Bee, Venom

Yet another infomercial style article (opens new window) has been published on the NZ Herald, this time talking about the benefits of bee venom. Abeeco are a major seller of bee products in New Zealand, and they have several successful ASA complaints against them. Abeeco talks in the article about their products, but all they are able to produce in support of them is anecdotes - no proper data. The article even has an 0800 number at the bottom, and although it just says to call the number for "more information", nowhere does it state that the number is Abeeco's sales line!

New Zealand has a healthy trade in exporting bee venom and venom products, but there's little to no evidence that bee's venom is able to help skin look younger, treat medical conditions or otherwise benefit people.

The NZ Skeptics have a great online resource (opens new window) examining different bee products and the evidence for them - collectively known as apitherapy.