Muslim call "For Public Purity", asking for people to hide dogs, appears to be a hoax

July 17, 2016

Categories: Skepticism , Tags: Religion, Islam

A leaflet has been shared in several british towns purporting to be from an unknown Muslim organisation, "For Public Purity", asking for locals to refrain from taking their dogs out in public as it is an affront to Islam. However, Muslim groups deny that there is any effort on their part to ban dogs and that the leaflets are likely a hoax designed to foment unrest in England.

Supporting this view, there are several pieces of information. The leaflets have also been seen in places such as Australia, suggesting it's not a UK organised effort. On the notorious anonymous internet forums 4chan, there is a post claiming that members have created the flyers as a prank - this is very plausible, as 4chan are very well known for pranks like this.