SBH press complaints

August 28, 2016

Categories: Skepticism , Tags: Pseudoscience, Chiropractic

The Society for Science Based Healthcare has recently submitted complaints about articles in two newspapers.

The first is an article which appeared in the (opens new window) Herald on Sunday a few weeks ago ("Caring chiropractor clicks with his tail-wagging clientele"). The article uncritically reported on an animal chiropractor:

In this case, the Deputy Editor of the Herald responded to the complaint saying that:

"The story was not an analysis of chiropractic care. Rather, it was a life-style story on an emerging trend - increasing numbers of people choosing to use a registered health practitioner for their pets.

We neither advocated for nor warned against chiropractic care – simply reported a quirky trend"

This complaint has now been submitted to the Press Council.

The second is a complaint about the Napier Courier (opens new window), which has a weekly column written by a local homeopath. Many extreme claims have been made in the paper:

"Homeopathic medicines are natural, toxin-free, safe and very effective medicines which will help you rebalance, relax and find your inner strength and focus. With that comes a better quality of life, enjoyment and happiness."

"Travelling with homeopathic medicines gives you many options for dealing with physical or emotional emergencies. Depending on the country you are travelling to, this may include help for injuries, heatstroke, diarrhoea from contaminated food, adverse exposure to different climates, and so on."

"If I had clotting problems, I would take a homeopathic medicine that reduces this risk"

"Homeopathic medicines assist with a range of common ailments experienced, such as pain, discomfort, inflammation and bleeding."

"homeopathic medicines can help with every facet of dental work"