New Sensing Murder Episode being recorded

September 25, 2016

Categories: Skepticism , Tags: Pseudoscience, Psychic

Despite much criticism of both the original broadcasts and the recent reruns, it appears that TVNZ are recording a new episode (opens new window) of Sensing Murder. The episode focuses on a murder in Napier in 2008.

In this case, a prosecution was dropped due to new evidence. The accused was asked about the new program, and said:

"It is just entertainment. I am not an entertainer."

Forensic scientist Dr Anna Sandiford, who worked on the case, said:

"I would be incredibly skeptical as a scientist with anything which came from a programme like that."

The current tenant of the flat where the murder was committed said they'd filmed in the flat for a day, and that she'd been told:

"sometimes you might see something in the corner of your eye, and that will be her."

That there have only been around 60 unsolved murders in NZ in the last 100 years, and there have already been 33 episodes of the show, many of them focusing on these few NZ murder cases.

Despite much publicity, none of these episodes has yet aided in solving any of the cases. Sue Nicholson, who features in the new episode, claimed (opens new window) at the NZ Skeptics conference in 2013 that she had helped to solve one case, but this claim was strongly condemned (opens new window) by family and friends of the deceased. Sue Nicholson told me that she'd never made the claims that she was accused of making. When I offered to sit with her and go through the video and audio we had of her talk, she told me she did not want to pursue the issue any further!

Weirdly, Sue also made the claim that her father was a skeptic because he couldn't stand black people!

"My father, he was the most skeptic person ever, I'm telling you now. Couldn't stand black people, couldn't stand religion..."

There is no information about when the episode will air. It might be a while, as I suspect there's a lot of editing work that goes into every episode to make the psychics seem as amazing as possible.