Bioptron call me

November 27, 2016

Categories: Skepticism , Tags: Pseudoscience, Bioptron

After last Sunday's show, when I talked about Bioptron at the Go Green Expo, a Bioptron rep called up RadioLive and asked for me to contact them. I called, and was then contacted the next day by a Division Manager for Bioptron - David.

David started by telling me that he knows Bioptron light therapy works, because he sells his service to lots of customers. He was annoyed when I told him that I expected a higher level of evidence than his anecdotes, and that double blinded placebo controlled studies were necessary.

After a while, I just let him talk. He seemed to believe in most alternative medicine, and has a set of rules (opens new window) about the universe that are crazy:

He told me about how the Magi who visited Jesus were members of the Illuminati who used their staffs for treating people with leprosy, and that over time these staffs became smaller and became magic wands. He then said that he makes and sells magic wands (opens new window) that he personally uses to diagnose and treat people.

David will be sending me the "best evidence" they have for Bioptron light therapy, but I'm skeptical of the possibility that it will pass muster.