Earthquake "predictor" shows his true colours

December 18, 2016

Categories: Skepticism , Tags: Pseudoscience, Scientology, Scam

Nigel Antony Gray, who "predicted" last month's earthquake on Facebook, has recently shown just how daft, and dangerous, he is.

Nigel has been travelling the country recently giving talks on Earthquake Preparedness. As part of these talks he has been giving discredited advice about earthquake safety by telling people that the official Drop, Cover and Hold technique is wrong, and that people should use the Triangle of Life technique instead.

Nigel predicted a large earthquake for December 13th that hasn't materialised.

At his talks, Nigel talks about Nibiru, a supposed planet that comes close to earth every 3,600 years, and has come clean about the fact that he's a Scientologist. He's been trying to teach people some of Scientology's daft ideas about psychology as ways to stay calm in an emergency.

To cover his costs travelling round the country, Nigel has recently started selling a rip off device (opens new window) to his followers that you are meant to fit to your car to improve its efficiency by 30%.

Worryingly, his now closed Facebook group, where people talk about how the government creates weather events and earthquakes, has amassed 30,000 members.

There's audio (opens new window) (from 15:32) where he admits to being a Scientologist: