Shaquille O'Neal believes in a flat earth?

March 26, 2017

Categories: Skepticism , Tags: Pseudoscience, FlatEarth

Shaquille O'Neal gave his support (opens new window) to the flat earth conspiracy movement on a podcast recently. However, although many websites were quick to jump on this, it turns out that Shaq was just joking:

One reason why people may have been so quick to believe Shaq is that he wouldn't be the only celebrity to support the idea of a flat earth. Rapper B.o.B., Tila Tequila and several NBA basketball players (Kyrie Irving, Draymond Green and Wilson Chandler) have promoted the idea that the flat earth is flat.

I heard a great argument the other day that we should trust the opinions of these basketball players, as their height means that they have a better perspective on this theory than most people!

The flat earth theory has gained prominence in the last couple of years, and it appears to have a lot to do with a distrust of government departments and official stories. Any unexplained anomalies in NASA photos are proof that they are faked, and the reason they're faked is to hide the fact that the earth is flat.

While looking into this, I was also reminded of a cool "law" (opens new window) - that if a headline has a question mark at the end, the answer is probably "No". Does Shaquille O'Neal believe in a flat earth? No.