Otago Uni Screened Vaxxed

April 9, 2017

Categories: Skepticism , Tags: Pseudoscience, Vaccines

Otago University have defended their decision (opens new window) to allow a screening of Vaxxed, citing free speech and a need to controversial topics to be discussed.

"The screening here is able to go ahead simply to uphold the principle of free speech"

"Our decision was made on the basis of our own values"

However, Grant Jacobs has made a very good point in a recent blog post (opens new window) that the secrecy surrounding the film's release, and a lack of any kind of discussion around the movie at the screenings, is antithetical to any idea of free speech. If the University really valued this screening as a way to discuss the documentary's merits, the organisers could have sorted out a Q&A session alongside the movie with health experts to discuss and critique the points that are made.