Kelvin Cruickshank talks to Jonah Lomu

April 23, 2017

Categories: Skepticism , Tags: Pseudoscience, Psychic

Kelvin Cruickshank has made the news (opens new window) because he's promoting a new book - "Surrounded by Spirit". In the book he claims he talked with the spirit of Jonah Lomu at a show last year, apparently unaware that Jonah's brother John was in the audience:

"I had no idea his brother was in the hall"

However, the Herald article contains several suggestions that Kelvin had more to go on. For starters, Kelvin says "I knew Jonah ­personally, he was quite close to my son". Also, it appears that Kelvin was able to see John, and presumably knew what he looks like.

"They were sitting at the back of the theatre and I could barely see them"

Barely being able to see someone is a different thing to being unable to see someone.

So what we have here is a psychic who knew Jonah Lomu well, was most likely able to see and recognise his brother in the audience, and gave out a mix of information that either he knew already from his friendship with Jonah or was somewhat generic - "him he didn't get the chance to say goodbye". Those kinds of statements will probably fit most people who have lost a loved one. How many people really really feel when they've lost someone close to them that they were able to say goodbye properly? I bet not many do. In fact, Kelvin himself says in the book:

"It's not unusual for me to say those words – people are rarely able to say their farewells to their loved ones before they pass over, and this guy was no exception."

Also, in the one short chapter (opens new window) in the book about Jonah Lomu, Kelvin manages to promote three other books of his - Soul Secrets, Finding the Path and Bridging the Gap.