Breatharians make Dangerous Claims

June 18, 2017

Categories: Skepticism , Tags: Pseudoscience, Breatharianism

A breatharian couple, Camila Castello and Akahi Ricardo (opens new window), have publicly claimed that they live on "cosmic nourishment" (opens new window) from the "energy that exists in the universe and in themselves". They claim that they didn't eat at all for a period of 3 years, and that they hardly ever eat. When they do eat, it's a piece of fruit or some broth.

Camila claims that through a pregnancy she only ate five times, and that was due to social pressure.

Akahi sells videos (opens new window) and offers a retreat when you can learn the secrets of Breatharianism from him:

When people making claims like this have been investigated in the past, they have invariably been caught out. An Indian "Sungazer" was caught out sneaking to restaurants including McDonald's, and an Australian woman was found trying to drink water from a toilet.

Nobody has ever been able to show that they are able to survive without food or water, and making dangerous claims like this without evidence is unethical to say the least. Making a living from promoting this idea to others is absolutely unconscionable!

Sadly people have even died from trying to adhere to this practice: