Jacinta Ardern Conspiracy!

August 6, 2017

Categories: Skepticism , Tags: Conspiracy, Freemasons

Vinny Eastwood has suggested (opens new window) that the new head of the Labour Party is in league with the Freemasons:

have you done any investigation into her background to confirm that she has no connection with freemasonry?

Like for instance, Her dad isn't one?

Like her dad isn't a cop?

Like She didn't receive a scholarship from them?

Like her first job in London wasn't at a time Freemasons were being publicly exposed in the Police?

And her position wasn't involved with the investigation which conveniently found nothing?

That she doesn't now give out freemason scholarships to others the same as John Key?

So, it's a smart move to assume she's a globalist until you see evidence to the contrary rather than assume total innocence,

So once Jacinda talks about the New World Order, World Government & International Banking in her campaign speeches then we might be getting somewhere, so far, neither she or any other major party leader has said anything about them, they're all working together to keep the public ignorant so that the show can continue.

Vinny's idea seems to be that because she's, possibly, received a scholarship from the Freemasons, she must be connected to them in some shadowy way. Of course, this goes hand in hand with the idea that the Freemasons are a secretive underground political group planning to overthrow the world's governments, or quietly running the world.