New healing device about to go on sale in NZ

October 8, 2017

Categories: Skepticism , Tags: Pseudoscience, QTB, QSB

A couple of years ago I went along to a talk in Wellington about a new device called the QTB (Quantum TrailBlazer), now rebranded as a QSB - Quantum Scalar Box (opens new window). Back then the device was made from a piece of sewage pipe spray painted black, with several blue LEDs around the top. We were told to believe that the device was emitting "scalar waves" (a pseudo-scientific idea) on the Solfeggio frequencies. I sat there for half an hour while the device went through a range of these frequencies, supposedly healing areas of my life.

The company making this device mainly sells Orgone devices. Orgone energy is a made up type of energy that Wilhelm Reich came up with. He thought that alternating layers of metal and wood could focus this mystical energy and either remove it from someone or give it to them.

The new version of the device from Life Energy Designs no longer looks like a piece of sewage pipe. It now has fins on top, and holes at the bottom. When I asked a couple of years ago, I was told the price would be a few thousand dollars. I've since put in several ASA complaints about misleading adverts from the company, and I'll definitely put in a complaint about this new product as soon as it hits the market!