Breast Milk Soap

October 15, 2017

Categories: Skepticism , Tags: Pseudoscience, Milk

A company is making claims (opens new window) about their soap made out of breast milk.

Ignoring the ick factor that many people will have with the idea of making soap from breast milk, there's no evidence that, as claimed by the makers:

"It's the ultimate skin moisturiser and healer"

This claim seems to be based on the Natural Fallacy - that natural is always best.

Isis McKay of Women's Health Action was asked for comment and tried to back up the company by saying:

A "non-scientific but certainly relevant" example includes Kim Kardashian using it to treat acne.

Of course, this is a single anecdote - not only is a sample of one person's experience not a good basis for deciding if something actually works, but we don't even know if Kim thinks it worked for her. From what I can tell, the incident was an attempt to garner publicity for a Kardashian based reality TV show, "Kim and Kourtney Take Miami", back in 2013.