Attack Survivor has to defend himself

February 25, 2018

Categories: Skepticism , Tags: Conspiracy, Shooting

The conspiracy theorists are out in force already after the recent school shooting tragedy. One of the survivors, 17 year old David Hogg, has gone on national TV (opens new window) in the US to publicly state that he's not a "crisis actor (opens new window)".

Crisis actors are supposed actors who are paid to be a part of faked tragedies such as school shootings. Some conspiracy theorists have latched onto the idea that recent gun tragedies in the US are faked by the government, and spend their time attempting to link people in photos of tragedies.

For David Hogg, last year he recorded an altercation between a friend of his and a lifeguard. During the Florida shooting he recorded the incident, as he's part of the school's TV station club. His dad's also an ex FBI employee. Someone with the same name as him, but 28 years old, was arrested for meth possession in California. This seems to be enough for the conspiracy nuts to join the dots and proclaim that David is a crisis actor.

It's sad that this teen has been accused so much, and so publicly (opens new window), that he's had to stand up and say that he's not part of this conspiracy. I'm sure that he's already got enough to deal with, without anonymous people on the internet demonising him.