Teen Lays Eggs

February 25, 2018

Categories: Skepticism , Tags: Scam, Magic, Egg

An Indonesian teenager has apparently "baffled" doctors by laying eggs (opens new window). He's laid about 20 eggs over the last 2 years, and x-ray images show an egg inside him before he lays it. The x-ray image makes it unlikely that sleight of hand is involved - he's probably not pretending to produce an egg from internally, but actually just making it appear in his hand at the right time.

Eggs are surprisingly strong, and shaped in a way that makes them good for passing through small holes. As the eggs are laid from the boy's rectum, it suggests to me that he's inserting them beforehand and then simply squeezing them out at the right time.

My 10 year old daughter asked me what I was going to talk about tonight, and when I told her this story her immediate response was "he probably puts them there himself". Even a 10 year old is able to see the most likely answer to this riddle.

Of course in a country like Indonesia, where superstition is commonplace, it's not surprising that this has become news. The doctors involved (opens new window), like me, suspect that the kid is doing this himself, which makes you wonder why the headline says they're baffled. They're not confused, they're just not willing to accuse the child without good evidence. They are now monitoring the child for a week, ensuring that he doesn't have access to eggs, and they will see if he spontaneously produces eggs within himself. I suspect not.