Reiki Meeting in New Plymouth

March 11, 2018

Categories: Skepticism , Tags: Pseudoscience, Reiki, CAM

A Reiki meeting has been deemed newsworthy (opens new window) by the Taranaki Daily News.

For those who are not sure what reiki is, it's a form of alternative "healing" where it's very unlikely any healing actually occurs. Someone waves their hands over you, usually without touching you, in order to restore your life force. It's from Japan, and is one of the weirder alternative treatments out there - but it's still quite popular. I've had treatment before, and it feels relaxing if nothing else.

Unfortunately the news article doesn't seem to get that it's nonsense. It talks about how "it has made tangible improvements to [people's] lives"

I can't work out why this news was deemed worthy of an article - surely there's more interesting stuff happening in Taranaki that's actually real.

For anyone in New Plymouth who wants to attend on the 15th of March, I'd recommend it. Trying out nonsense therapies is useful when talking with people who refuse to accept you can have a valid opinion on something you haven't tried before, and presumably the practitioners will be willing to give you a free session if you turn up - and it's always nicer to try these therapies out when you don't have to pay for them.