Homeopaths trying to "cure" Autism

April 29, 2018

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An organised group of homeopaths offering bogus treatments for autism has been written about (opens new window) in the Guardian newspaper in the UK. The article talks about how more than 120 homeopaths in the UK are part of this group, called CEASE (Complete Elimination of Autistic Spectrum Expression), and the therapies they are offering are supposed to remove "toxins" that are apparently causing autism in children, and many of these toxins are meant to have come from vaccines.

The therapies include not just homeopathy but also high dose vitamin C. Tinus Smits, who invented the protocol, reckons that 70% of autism is due to vaccines, 25% to toxic medication and other toxic substances, 5% to some diseases. He figured out that you can work out the toxins that someone has been subjected to by taking their case history, and give then a diluted form of each of the toxins to help cure them of the toxicity. Common diluted compounds include aluminium, mercury and

The article focuses on the fact that several of the homeopaths are registered with the UK's Society of Homeopaths. The PSA (Professional Standards Authority), who oversee many regulators in the UK including the Society of Homeopaths, said:

"CEASE therapy contravenes medical advice by apparently advising against vaccination of children, avoiding antibiotics in the case of infection and advocates high doses of vitamins not recommended for children. We are also concerned that the full name of CEASE (Complete Elimination of Autistic Spectrum Expression) strongly implies the ability to cure autism through this therapy,"

Carol Povey, director of the centre for autism at the National Autistic Society calls CEASE "absolutely appalling".

Worryingly, the CEASE website lists 19 homeopaths in New Zealand (opens new window).

I checked the NZ Council of Homeopaths (opens new window), and 11 of the 19 are registered with them:

Local homeopaths are offering CEASE for not just autism, but many other conditions as well.

I guess it's time for me to send a letter to the Council asking what their stance is on CEASE therapy, and what they plan to do about the homeopaths that are registered with them and offering this dangerous, unhelpful, expensive treatment.