Alex Jones is losing his grip

September 16, 2018

Categories: Skepticism , Tags: Conspiracy, Infowars

Alex Jones, who runs the website InfoWars, seems to be coming apart at the seams.

For background, InfoWars is a website and "news" TV channel where Alex Jones pushes conspiracy news stories, and sells expensive nonsense to his viewers.

Jones recently interrupted an interview (opens new window) with US Republican Senator Marco Rubio, and came across as somewhat unhinged:

This outburst is a reaction to the fact that Alex Jones has recently been banned from Facebook, YouTube, Apple Podcasts and now Twitter, and he's obviously not happy with it.

The reason for his banning is his continued pushing of a Sandy Hook conspiracy theory, where Jones accuses parents of being complicit in a conspiracy to fake the school shooting at Sandy Hook. Jones is convinced that the entire event was staged, and that the grieving parents are lying about the deaths of their children. Several parents have been brave enough to stand up to Jones, and have taken him to court for defamation.

This is on top of a recent custody battle, where Jones' wife used examples of his weird beliefs to contend that he's not fit to be a parent. Jones' defence was that the whole thing is just an act, but this new outburst seems to suggest that he truly believes his wacky theories.

In other news, eagle eyed viewers of Jones' TV show noticed recently that he probably likes transsexual porn (opens new window):

Now, there's nothing wrong with having these kinds of desires, but Alex Jones has been vocal about the Trans community in the past. He once said of drag queens:

"We're going to destroy you. You will ascend to Hell in the reverse order. You need to fear god. Your god has stolen your soul."

He has also claimed that Michelle Obama is a man and accused the Pentagon of having a gay bomb that has been leaking into the water supply and turning frogs gay.