Another Te Kiri Gold celebrity endorsement

December 16, 2018

Categories: Skepticism , Tags: Pseudoscience, CAM, Bleach

Cocksy, a celebrity builder on New Zealand TV, has cancer and is currently on an experimental new treatment.


In an article on the NZ Herald (opens new window), Cocksy spoke about how until recently he’s been self medicating with Te Kiri Gold - a fake cancer cure that is unfortunately still for sale in this country. He said:

"I'm off it. They won't allow me to keep drinking it with the medication. I have to be totally free of other drug supplements too."

It’s sad to see another celebrity, who has a sway over the public, talk about a quack cure in positive terms. At least he’s listening to the advice of his doctors now, and I wish him the best with the new chemo drug he’s trialing.