Guerrilla Skeptics strike again

November 30, 2020

Categories: Skepticism , Tags: Wikipedia, GSoW

The amazing members of the GSoW (Guerrilla Skeptics on Wikipedia) group have struck again. In recent years the group have done some amazing work creating new Wikipedia articles and rewriting existing ones on topics of importance to skepticism, including quite a few that are related to New Zealand - including pages for skeptic Siouxsie Wiles (opens new window), psychic Jeanette Wilson (opens new window) and even our organisation, the NZ Skeptics (opens new window). We’ve also had Susan Gerbic, head of the project, come to New Zealand twice in the last few years to talk to us at our conferences about both the GSoW project and her work using sting operations to bust psychics.

This time the GSoW team have rewritten the page for Helen Petousis-Harris (opens new window) (who spoke at an NZ Skeptics conference a few years ago about the history of vaccine denial), and appear to have done an amazing job! If any of our members have time to spare and would like to help out with the ongoing project to improve Wikipedia from a skeptical viewpoint, please get in contact with Susan at