Auckland Lockdown Protest

January 11, 2021

Categories: Skepticism , Tags: Politics, Billy TK, Advance NZ

Billy TK held an anti-lockdown rally in Auckland on Saturday. The rally was accompanied by a variety of interesting flags, signs and chants:

The flags were a mix of Trump 2020, the United Tribes of New Zealand and one picture of an assault rifle with the words "come and take it" underneath.

The signs covered a wide range of conspiracy and pseudoscientific beliefs - here’s just a sample of what was on view (complete with spelling mistakes):

  • "Take your mask off your eye’s"
  • "No mandatory vaccines"
  • "No more Lies. No more lockdowns"
  • "Certificate Of Vaccine ID"
  • "Do your own research"
  • "Noah was a conspiracy theorist, then it started to rain"
  • "Wake up New Zealand"
  • "Agenda 21 (opens new window) = Slavery"
  • "Sick of cover ups, sick of lies. Ban 1080"
  • "Masks kill lives"
  • "Socialism distancing"
  • "Rise up NZ"
  • "Sunshine save lives"
  • "We do not consent to scumbbaggery"
  • "Blood & organ harvesting, modern day slavery"
  • "MSM-FB and this Muppet Show government are hiding the truth"
  • "No No No. Lockdown. Forced Vax. 5G (opens new window)"
  • "We are sovereign (opens new window)"
  • "Stop stealing our freedom, Comrade Jacinda"
  • "NZ has been subjected to socialist brainwashing"
  • "Children are being tortured, Pizzagate (opens new window) should be investigated not ignored"
  • "Close the media for 30 days and watch 80% of World Problems go away"
  • "I will not be muzzled, tested, tracked, chipped (opens new window) or vaccinated to support this orchestrated lie"

and my favourite:

  • "COVID-19 is a manipulated UN/World/Media Instalment of a ‘Global Reset (opens new window)’ for Socialist/Communist Totalitarian Control By the 1% Elite. We Do Not Consent"

Billy and a couple of other local crackpots spoke for a while, and then Billy’s phone was held to the microphone while cranks from around the world (including "Dr" Rashid Buttar (opens new window)) phoned in to talk to the crowd. One of the warnings given was that Billy has been told, via "military insiders", that another lockdown is coming on January 15th.

Vinny Eastwood led the chanting during a march held after the rally, which consisted of pretty much what I’d expect from him - an onslaught of weirdness and conspiracy nonsense:

  • "We do not consent"
  • "No forced vaccines"
  • "No 1080, no fluoridation, no chemtrails, no Agenda 21"
  • "No more Labour, no more Greens, they’re corrupt"
  • "No 1080, no chemtrails, no mass surveillance"
  • "No more scumbaggery, no more corruption, shove it up your bum"
  • "No AI, controlling our lives"
  • "No more COVID, it’s a fricking hoax"
  • "Disobey the lockdown, January 15"
  • "No more Jacinda, no more Cindy, ruling our lives"
  • "You can stick your New World Order up your ass"
  • "No World Economic Forum, they’re bad and we need to destroy them"
  • "COVID-19, a hoax can’t you see"
  • "No radiation, destroying our nation, while people play playstation"
  • "No more Jacinda, she’s just a sinner, no more Jacinda, she just wants to skin ya"
  • "No more Jizzy, Jizzy in your face"

I feel sorry for those who were on Queen Street at the time and had to listen to this drivel.

Maybe we should be thankful that our parliament is in Wellington, and that the Auckland march after the speeches wasn’t able to storm the Beehive - instead just meandering down Queen Street and back again. Having said that, there was an announcement at the end of the march that the next Public Party event will be on the 6th of February (Waitangi Day) in Wellington. I’ll be there, and will report back on how things go.

For those of you with enough intestinal fortitude that you can digest conspiracy nonsense without feeling sick, you can watch the entire 2 hours of nonsense on YouTube courtesy of Vinny Eastwood: