Musical Vaccine

January 11, 2021

Categories: Skepticism , Tags: Conspiracy, Vaccines

An image that has been making its way round the internet recently purports to be a circuit diagram for a 5G chip which is inside COVID vaccines. However, those who are technically musical minded have pointed out (opens new window) that the image is actually that of a guitar effects pedal called Metal Zone from company Boss. (opens new window)

This slip up reminds me of the time Uncensored (a conspiracy magazine in NZ) purchased the rights to a short video of an alien autopsy, blissfully unaware that the footage had been lifted (opens new window) from an Ant and Dec movie literally called "Alien Autopsy". Jonathan Eisen, editor of the magazine, said at the time:

"The magazine's technical people did a frame by frame analysis prior going to press with it and determined that it was legitimate in every respect."

Back in 2015 it took me a couple of hours to source a copy of the movie, a few minutes to confirm that the footage Uncensored bought was just a copy of part of the movie, and another hour or so to learn how to use a video editing suite and line the two videos up to show they were identical. I’m not sure what these "technical people" did, but they certainly didn’t certify the legitimacy of the video they were buying!

The video that Uncensored bought can still be found on their website (opens new window), under the headline "Roswell Original Footage of Dead Alien Discovered by Uncensored Editor", without any kind of retraction or footnote to let people know that the footage is fake.