QAnon 2.0?

March 17, 2021

Categories: Skepticism , Tags: Sabmyk, QAnon

A group who monitor extreme Right Wing groups, Hope Not Hate, have published an article (opens new window) detailing a weird attempt to hijack the QAnon conspiracy. The new conspiracy theory, called Sabmyk, has been creating new channels on Telegram, Gab and BitChute in an attempt to entice those who have become disillusioned with QAnon since Trump left office and the promises of QAnon fell through. Why not Facebook and Twitter? Probably because many right wing activists have been driven off of those platforms in the last few months as admins have removed thousands of accounts for posting hate and misinformation. Telegram offers a modicum of anonymity, and Gab and Bitchute are a social network and video hosting site respectively that are less regulated and more welcoming to extreme views than the mainstream social media sites, claiming that they’re pro free speech.

Hope Not Hate has concluded that "Princess Ameli Achaemenes" (likely a pseudonym for Sebastian Bieniek (opens new window)) is behind this attempt to capture an audience of people who may be feeling a little lost at the moment. What’s on offer is a heady mix of myth, spirituality and secret symbols - with talk of the "sword of Shawunawaz" and the "12 generals". Only time will tell whether this becomes another long lasting rabbit hole for people to fall into, or if it’s just a flash in the pan.