Miami School quarantines vaccinated staff members

April 28, 2021

Categories: Skepticism , Tags: Pseudoscience, COVID

The Centner Academy in Miami, Florida has barred its teachers (opens new window) from being able to see students if they’ve been given the COVID vaccine, and will not be employing new teachers who have already been vaccinated. They argue that because the vaccines have not yet been fully tested, there is a risk that they could have unknown issues that may affect other people.

In fact, the school reports that it has already seen this happen. A letter (opens new window) sent out to parents said:

"Tens of thousands of women all over the world have recently been reporting adverse reproductive issues simply from being in close proximity with those who have received any one of the COVID-19 injections… No one knows exactly what may be causing these irregularities, but it appears that those who have received the injections may be transmitting something from their bodies to those with whom they come in contact."

The local union, the United Teachers of Dade, was horrified and said:

"As shamefully seen by the actions of the illegally run and uncertified Centner Academy, these schools not only teach misinformation and peddle propaganda, they punish teachers who try to protect themselves and their families."

The Centner Academy seems to be a pet project of David and Leila Centner, who have strong views on COVID. David has created a documentary called Medical Racism (opens new window), which argues that it’s racist to try to convince people to be vaccinated, and treat them differently if they’re not. I’m guessing that this is an attempt to counter the push in many places to ensure that people who work in certain industries, such as medicine, are vaccinated, and to redeploy away from the front line those who refuse the vaccine and risk endangering the lives of others as a result. It looks a lot like a tit for tat, but sadly not even countering the people they think are in the wrong but instead targeting local teachers.