Petition for a Military Coup in NZ

June 23, 2021

Categories: Skepticism , Tags: Coup

Someone called Daryl Trask has recently placed a petition (opens new window) on asking people to sign their support for an overthrow of our government. The petition says:

"The people of NZ are being assaulted, murdered and deceived by this illegitimate corporate government and their complicit mouthpiece media, they are out of control and do not serve the NZ public. I would ask the NZDForce, in protection of the people of our land, to remove these criminals from their alleged power and arrest those responsible for pushing the fake covid narrative"

From Daryl’s history of sending Official Information Act requests (opens new window) to various government departments, it appears he’s an anti 1080 activist who is also interested in the Christchurch terror attack and weather modification (that request to NZ Police was "refused" because they hold no information about weather modification in NZ - because it doesn’t happen!).

What interested me were the reasons for signing given by the ~750 people who have signed it.

"Maria Oliver: there may be no pandemic, and it was all about getting citizens to take vaccine; The argument is that we are at the very least being subjected to an illegal experiment, and at worse global genocide"

"Rachel Clark: Crimes against humanity.. Agenda 2030 will destroy humanity as we know it."

"Anne James: You are imposters....a corporation, under maritime law....we are under common are clearly not working for the people of New Zealand... you are merely un and ccp puppets...."

"Lynne Roff: I believe that New Zealand now belongs to ..foreigners… the water will be treated by the govt… the monarchy was taken down months ago... I bet her jab was saline ..if it even went in"

"margret flavell: this government are traitors and murdering all the people in new zealand....1080 poisons being dropped from docs helicopters, doubling up on fluoride in our drinking waters, vaccine injections, chemical trails being sprayed on us, hek293 (aborted baby kidney cells in our food and milk products, grabbing all our lands via (sna) significant natural areas and then selling the lands off to foreign investors, abortion (disgusting)... RECOGNISE WE ARE ALL UNDER ATTACK!! THIS IS A BIO CHEMICAL WARFARE! THIS GOVT NO LONGER SERVES US THE PEOPLE - THEY ARE SERVING THEMSELVES ONLY!!"

"geoff brittain: It has become very obvious this government is committed to UN/NWO AGENDA and does not represent New Zealand citizens it is corrupt and involved in committing acts of tyranny on its citizens coercing and forcing people to take an injection containing toxic bio-chemicals etc"

"Jessica Daly: Satanists have infiltrated our government and judiciary system."

"Mary Eagle: This is not kind to destroy the trusting law abiding people of NZ with an experimental DNA changing substance marketed as a vaccine"

"Marta Barham: I'm signing because I believe tjis government did not win the election and usurped their position via cheating"

The list includes claims that the pandemic is faked, NZ is using UN Agenda 2030 to remove our rights, NZ is a puppet of the CCP (Chinese Communist Party), NZ belongs to "foreigners", the monarchy doesn’t exist any more, 1080 is a poison (it is!), we’ve been given a double fluoride dose in our water, chemtrails are being sprayed over NZ, the vaccine is a bioweapon, the vaccine is altering our DNA, the government rigged the election and satanists have taken over the government. Phew!

I can’t find out much about Daryl, who started the campaign, but I do know that the petition is being widely shared in alternative circles. Given the seriousness of the request, for the army to overthrow the government, I would hope that at the very least the police are recording the names of those who have signed the petition. It might seem like armed insurrection is something that only happens in faraway countries with very different political systems, but the US Capitol was invaded just six months ago. The vast majority of those who have signed the petition are likely peaceful people who have just been riled up by online personalities calling for revolution, but I’d guess the police wouldn’t want to be caught unawares if one of them actually plans to do something stupid and dangerous.