When scientists go wrong

July 21, 2021

Categories: Skepticism , Tags: Pseudoscience, Retraction

Mahin Khatami looks at first blush to be a respectable scientist - she has a long history as a scientist spanning decades, used to work for the NIH (National Institutes for Health) in the US as a program director, and has not only been published in respectable peer reviewed journals but has also been a journal editor.

However, I learned of her recently because of a paper Mahin published late last year, "Deceptology in cancer and vaccine sciences (opens new window)", where she claims that cancer and most other modern diseases are caused by the pharmaceutical industry as a way to sell more medicine. The paper has come to light because the journal of Clinical & Translational Medicine is retracting it.

Sadly other papers by Mahin have not been retracted, despite scientists making complaints (opens new window) to the relevant journals. I went hunting through her publishing history, and found titles such as:

Mahin’s overall idea seems to be that vaccines for Polio, HPV, Flu, hepatitis, HPV, meningitis and measles, among others, are used to cause diseases such as cancer rather than protect us from disease. Her papers talk of the creation of dark energy, and the need to balance Yin and Yang. It seems that "big pharma" is using the vaccines to inject us with something that disrupts our body chemistry, and keeps them in business as they sell us the solutions to problems they cause.

It turns out that Mahin is an active member of an anti-vaxx group in the US called SaneVax. Despite the name, they’re anything but sane - rather, they appear to be ideologically committed to the idea that vaccines are evil, and that nobody should be vaccinated. I’m guessing that SaneVax are happy to work with anyone who is similarly opposed to vaccines, no matter how wacky their ideas are.