When Doctors go wrong

October 20, 2021

Categories: Skepticism , Tags: Vaccines

One of the signatories to the NZD SOS declaration, Dr Matt Shelton, is an interesting case - he made the news a few weeks ago when he sent a text message to his patients saying:

"Hi ---, your GP Dr Matt here. I cannot in conscience support of Covid vaccination of particularly, children, and pregnant and fertile women, from my assessment of current risks and benefits."

The Medical Council received several complaints about Dr Shelton after this text message, and his employer, Tū Ora Compass Health, has now "terminated his contract (opens new window)" - fired him. When talking to the press, he’s sent some mixed messages; both regret for having upset some of his patients by sending them the text, and disappointment that he didn’t send it to even more patients.

Elsewhere on the internet, I’ve been keeping an eye on Leighton Baker, who used to be head of the New Conservative political party. The party made the news before the last election with a policy stating that solo mothers would be placed either with their wider family or a "suitably trained/experienced couple" - this policy sounds like it’s straight out of The Handmaid’s Tale.

I’ve been to see Leighton speaking live to a small group in Wellington before the election, and although he’s a nice enough guy he seems to think that the 1930s were the glory days of New Zealand, and that we need to return to the laws and morals of that era.

Since Leighton was ousted from the New Conservatives, he’s been working hard to keep himself relevant. And he’s roped in one of his daughters to help - Leighton and Chantelle host regular video chats on Facebook. Recently the conversations have gone from decrying lockdowns to doubting vaccination, and Leighton - a builder by trade - has been sharing his "expert knowledge" with tips such as saying that because tradesmen are fit, they don’t need the vaccine. It truly is cringeworthy watching Leighton and Chantelle trying to court science deniers to build support. I’ve never been a fan of the New Conservatives or their vision, but at least Leighton seemed to be somewhat level headed while he was the head of the party.

So now, in a meeting of minds, Leighton’s daughter Chantelle interviewed anti-vaccine doctor Matt Shelton a few days ago. The topic?

"what could be causing magnetism in certain people and how Doctors are being told to treat those suffering".

https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=1300585417073572 (opens new window)

Dr Shelton’s right that there’s a Wikipedia page about Human Magnetism (opens new window), but he neglects to mention that it’s under the category of Paranormal, not medical science.

Egged on by Chantelle, Dr Shelton goes on to say that he thinks Graphene Oxide may be responsible, and then finishes by postulating about how the vaccine may actually contain a tracking microchip:

https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=1300585417073572 (opens new window)

Hearing a registered doctor talking like this is so distressing! This is someone who is entrusted with people’s health and wellbeing, and he’s believing in vaccine conspiracies. I worry for his patients, and I even messaged a friend of mine who lives up the road from me in Plimmerton the other day to see if Dr Shelton had been his GP. Thankfully not, but who knows how many people’s heads he’s filled with his nonsense while chatting with them during consults.