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June 2021

Here are the topics I chose to talk about on RadioLive for the month. Some of them may not have been mentioned on the radio due to a lack of time.

  • June 30, 2021

  • Lady Crown

    I wrote a couple of weeks ago about lawyer Liz Lambert’s effort to claim a small part of New Zealand - the Abel Tasman National Park - as her own property, which she’s called New Freeland. Well, it turns out that she’s worried about an organisation who have not just claimed Allodial Title over a piece of land, but have claimed sovereignty over the entirety of New Zealand. Liz has been warning anyone who will listen that this rival group, the Crown of the Mauri Nation, have secretly entered into an agreement with the government to hand over the keys to our country.

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  • Earth 2

    I enjoy playing computer games, and own a gaming PC and a VR headset. So when I heard about an ambitious new game for PCs, VR and phones, it piqued my interest. The game is called Earth2, and is pipped to be a 1:1 copy of earth, with a faithful reproduction of the entire planet in software. Their website makes comparisons to the movies The Matrix and Ready Player One, both of which feature VR environments that are indistinguishable from reality. This sounds pretty ambitious, maybe too ambitious!

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  • Fun With Numbers!

    While trawling conspiracy websites and videos, as I tend to do for fun, I stumbled across a recommendation for a local kiwi numerologist. But the recommendation said that, unlike the usual mystical nonsense, this particular numerologist uses science and maths to find real patterns that are actually useful.

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  • June 23, 2021

  • Petition for a Military Coup in NZ

    Someone called Daryl Trask has recently placed a petition on asking people to sign their support for an overthrow of our government. The petition says:

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  • US Senator has novel plan to combat climate change

    US Senator Louie Gohmert, from Texas, has recently asked the country’s Forestry Service if they can look into a thought he’s had about how to combat climate change:

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  • Proof of UFOs is “just around the corner”...

    Now that I’ve found out about Rebel Wisdom, I’m hooked. I usually have to go hunting for my nonsense, but the Rebel Wisdom website has everything in one place: Rupert Sheldrake (who has silly ideas about supernatural mental powers), Alan Watts (who has silly ideas about religion and philosophy) and Jordan Peterson (who has silly ideas about all sorts of things) are all featured.

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  • June 16, 2021

  • New Freeland

    There’s a lawyer called Liz Lambert who thinks she has hit upon a legal loophole that allows her to claim any piece of land as her own. As background, there are two main forms of land ownership in many countries - Fee Simple and Allodial. Fee simple is the type of land ownership you or I have access to. Archaic legal terms, Fee in this case means ownership, and Simple means without any kind of time limit (freehold rather than leasehold). Governments, on the other hand, usually have Allodial ownership of land, which is more of an absolute ownership without a requirement to pay anyone rates, etc (although in some cases there may be private allodial ownership, such as church land in some european countries). So, in New Zealand’s case, the Crown has Allodial Title over New Zealand, and we citizens can then purchase a Fee Simple Title to part of that land. It still belongs to the Crown under their allodial title, but we’ve purchased a right to live on it forever (barring certain circumstances like compulsory acquisition).

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  • How not to handle a COVID outbreak

    Obviously India has been through the wringer recently with a huge increase in the number of COVID cases, and deaths, in the country. Thankfully the number of active cases is dropping, but at its peak around four and a half thousand people were dying per day, and there have been over three hundred and eighty thousand reported deaths so far - although many experts fear the real total is likely to be much higher.

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  • German psychic solves yet another case

    (In)famous German psychic Michael Schneider made the news this week when he claimed to know the exact coordinates of Madeleine McCann’s body. Madeleine’s case hit headlines many years ago when her parents in Spain left her in their resort apartment for the evening, returning from over the road to find that she had gone missing. Despite several leads (and many psychics making predictions) over the years, there’s been no definitive answer so far as to what happened to Madeleine (although there is one likely suspect).

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  • June 2, 2021

  • The Theosophical Society

    Last night I visited the Theosophical Society’s building in Wellington to hear their National President, John Vorstermans, give a talk titled “The Ageless Wisdom”. The Society has a great little building on Marion Street, with a comfortable library of esoteric mystical books at the front, and a large main room with lots of wood and painted mystical symbols, and a particularly Masonic feel to it.

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  • Voltex can save 90% on your power bill

    I’ve seen adverts pop up recently on news sites, such as NewsHub and YouTube, that are selling a device which claims to be able to cut your power bill by 90%. Now, wouldn’t that be nice - if it were true!

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